Laurel LAC-17

Laurel LAC-17

Automatic Coin Wrapping Machines

LAUREL LAC-17 Series will bring the innovation based on over 50 years of our experience in coin processing.

You will experience amazingly high cost performance with our LAC-17 Series. LAC-17 Series will be the key to your success.

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LAUREL LAC-17 Series will bring the innovation based on over 50 years of our experience in coin processing.

You will experience amazingly high cost performance with our LAC-17 Series. LAC-17 Series will be the key to your success.

JAPAN Quality

Like our other LAUREL products, LAC-17 Series has gone through our own Quality Examination in order to keep the Quality at high. We now confidently introduce that LAC-17 Series with JAPAN Quality such as the reliability, the durability, and the accuracy at the highest level to fulfill your demand.

Easy Operation

The operation of LAC-17 Series is incredibly easy. It will not take much time to teach how to operate. The operator can control the machine intuitively by using only 6 Function Keys and Jog Dial while seeing Large Color LCD Display.

It is a very simple procedure for the operator to change the Mode. By only pushing Mode Key, the Function Mode changes from Count Mode to Wrapping Mode automatically.

Due to the New Large Color LCD Display with illustrations and animations, it is very simple and easy to know about errors and warnings. The operator spends less time to recover the machine by simply following the instruction on the Large Color LCD Display about errors and warnings. In addition, the variety of language selection is also available. The operator can freely choose own favorable language such as English, Spanish, German and French.

High Productivity and Co st-performance

LAC-17 has the incredibly high Productivity. The LAC-17 Series boast a wrapping speed of max. 40 rolls /min. and will significantly improve the operation efficiency in your daily coin-handling work. The LAC-17 Series high productivity and the functionality of LAC-17 will meet your requests and solve your problems.

User-friendly Design

LAC-17 Series has been designed as the User-friendly machine. This design concept of the machine will increase the productivity and minimize the burden of the operator. Since the Large Color LCD Display has been placed at front, the operator can comfortably keep the face position at straight to the Large Color LCD Display. The height of hopper becomes lower than LAC-16 Series. It makes easier for the operator to put coins into the hopper. Since START/STOP Key and C Key are frequently used during the operation, we have designed them to be pushed smoothly and comfortable for the operator. And they have the variety of colors depending on the situation of the machine. The combination of this informative function and the brighter Alarm Lamp with bigger size will let the operator know the current situation of the machine from the distance.

Easy Maintenance

LAC-17 Series is designed for Easy Maintenance. By opening the Front Cover and the Upper Cover, the operator can easily reach to the inner part of the machine to check and to clean inside.

Intelligent Detection (Only for LAC-17I D)

LAC-17 ID checks the material of the coin with high accuracy. Newly developed Material Detection Sensor is equipped within the machine. This detects and rejects Foreign Coins and Forged Coins with high accuracy automatically. Due to this new technology, LAC-17 ID is counting and wrapping coins precisely while keeping the high productivity.

Highly Selected Components for High Durability

The durability of LAC-17 Series is incredibly high. We succeeded to have many improvements from LAC-16 Series which has met with an enthusiastic reception about the high durability and the productivity. We have analyzed the field condition of LAC-16 Series and the feed back opinions from the users of LAC-16 Series. Due to our study and such analysis, LAC-17 Series has succeeded to have higher durability ever. We would like to promise your satisfaction on LAC-17 Series with our full confidence. The evolution of LAUREL products will never stop.

Environmental Harmony

LAC-17 Series cares about Environment. Despite its high performance, the LAC-17 Series has succeeded to cut down on the power consumption more than 20% and is designed for recycling efficiency. It complies with the RoHS regulations. We at LAUREL work to develop friendly products for the environment.

Dimensions (HxWxD)

1085 x 450 x 630mm


Approx. 155Kg

Wrapping Speed

Max. 40 rolls/minute

Hopper Capacity

Approx. 18,000 coins


Hopper Sensor, LAN Connection, LAUREL Interface Link, Count Chute, Roll Printer